Eucalyptus oil

I know it has been a long time since we have had new material on our blog, but FINALLY we are back!

First I went through some icky cold, then dealt with vomiting children, then on top of that have had some issues with our dog! Needless to say life has been crazy!!

That’s why today I want to continue our essential oils course and talk about Eucalyptus oil!

If you are just joining in, we are going through different essential oils, their benefits, and ways to use them! If you are new to essential oils, check out our post here for all of your basic needs to get started! We also have gone through another oil, so I highly recommend you check out all the awesomeness of peppermint oil here!

*Just so you know, this post does contain affiliate links and I may receive a portion if you decide to purchase*

So let’s get started!!

Eucalyptus oil is absolutely one of my favorite oils! The main reason for this is it’s relaxing affect on the body, and that is our very first discussion point!

1. Calming

Like any essential oils, you can use eucalyptus oil in a diffuser. I tend to like to use it this way when I’m in the shower or back to help relax me even more. It is also very useful to add to a warm bath or foot soak, but would need to be added to some bath salts in order to really dissolve throughout the water. You can also get salts that are already infused with essential oils here. We personally have used this and it not only relaxes your body but has a tremendous effect on easing pain of sore muscles. If you are not much of a bath user, you can get the same great aromatherapy effect using these! You just pop one in the shower and the steam releases the essential oils. I love these!

Another way to use Eucalyptus oil for its calming affects is to put the oil on a wet cloth, microwave it for a little bit then drape it across your shoulders or eyes. The warm cloth can help ease tension as well, so this is a great solution for tense muscles or headaches/sinus problems.

2. Congestion

Another great benefit of eucalyptus oil is as a decongestant. Having had lots of sickness around us lately, we have needed this like crazy! Just take a small bowl of coconut oil, mix in some eucalyptus oil and you have a simple vapor rub to help open up a stuffy nose and release some throat and chest congestion as well. My favorite coconut oil to use is this. It’s organic, so I know it’s good for us, but it’s also super affordable so it’s pretty much a win-win product! Just apply some to your chest, or right around the nose to ease congestion. At bed time, wipe some on the bottoms of your feet and put some socks on to hold in the oils. This will help to clear your system as well! If you’re not a big fan of using the coconut oil, you can also use this blender bottle set which comes with labels as well as a funnel for clean fill ups! Just put the essential oils in and use the roller ball to rub the oils onto your skin.

3. Hair health

Another important benefit for me is for hair health. Using eucalyptus oil in your hair can cause more shine, prevent a dry scalp, promote hair growth, and even get rid of lice! The best way to use it is to add it to your regular shampoo or buy a shampoo with eucalyptus oil already in it like this one. The oil in the shampoo stimulates the follicles in your scalp to promote strong, silky growth. If you’re dealing with lice, rub some eucalyptus oil shampoo in your scalp and put a shower cap on for about 10 minutes. (While hair is wet) The oil should start helping to eliminate the lice. I haven’t tried this yet, (thankfully haven’t needed to), but have read several reviews of this great benefit!

Last but definitely not least…

4. Cooling down

During the hot summer months, there are many times where you feel your body becoming overheated or feel there’s no way to cool yourself down. A quick and easy fix is to dilute some Eucalyptus oil in a spray bottle with water and spray the entire body. The properties in the oil actually help to cool down the body! How amazing! We find this especially useful now that we have kids playing sports and live on a farm. Heat exhaustion is very real so we always keep some of this on hand.

Well, I hope you have found this post a bit useful and have gotten some great ideas to use in your own home! I would love to hear how YOU use Eucalyptus oil as well! There are SO many benefits of this oil and have only named a few here, so I would love to hear how you guys use this as well!

7 thoughts on “Eucalyptus oil

  1. I love Eucalyptus Oil. I put in my vaporiser to freshen up my apartment. It goes well with lavender too!


  2. I love eucalyptus oil! But I didn’t know it was good for the hair. Thanks you for educating me.


  3. Great post. I knew eucalyptus was good for congestion but I learnt about other uses. Thanks for sharing.


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