Healthier You!

Good morning world! (Or whatever time it is when you read this)

Anyone who knows me, knows I have started taking my health more seriously over the past few years. My mental health, as well as my physical health are important to me. (Just don’t ask me to give up bread) One thing that I have started learning a lot more about, and have started using quite regularly is essential oils!

*Just a heads up, this post does contain affiliate links! You won’t pay any extra, but I may receive a portion from your purchase.*

So I’m sure plenty of you have heard of essential oils, but there is so much information on them that I’m sure very few of us know a whole lot about them. I have recently been interested in trying to use them more with my kids as well! I mean what more could you ask for? A more calm and healthy kid with products that are completely natural!

I will soon start a series of blogs to dive deeper into some different oils I use, and how/what I use them for! I’m super excited about doing this! BUT, I want to make sure before we dive into them together that we all have some we can experience with!

If you are wanting a larger set to start with I highly recommend a set that I’ve seen which you can get here. If you are looking for a simple set that isn’t so many to start with, there is a better option for that right here.

Many people start using essential oils with a diffuser which is what I use at night with lavender in it to help me sleep! It works wonders! You can get those at any store really, or you can order one online here. I love this one because it automatically shuts off AND has colored lights!

So with all of that being said, I will start once a week (hopefully) going through a different essential oil in my collection and how I do use it as well as any other uses I am starting to learn about as well! It is a great alternative and a healthier option to many unhealthy or risky things we use already.

I hope you will enjoy this journey with me!

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